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Campo di Vino foods?

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This popular Spanish sausage is made with ground pork, salt, garlic, various spices and paprika stuffed in a medium casing. Our chorizo is made with a special Spanish paprika that gives it a very original, yet not an overpowering flavor. All of our chorizo dry for an optimum amount of time to ensure they have reached the peak of flavor when they are consumed. Chorizo is popular in many recipes, from stuffings to being served for breakfast with eggs, and is fantastic when cooked on the grill.  Also try our hotter, spicier version to really "kick it up!"


This Northern Italian specialty is made with a combination of ground pork, salt, pepper, various spices, parmesan cheese and wine, and is stuffed into a smaller diameter natural casing. This specialty sausage can be cooked and used in a variety of recipes from soups to stews and is a great addition to any meal. Luganiga is also excellent when grilled and makes for a wonderful summertime barbeque.

Maple Breakfast Sausage

We had to do it - even with our ethnic heritage we are still, after all, Vermonters! We took the freshest pork we could find, combined it with the proper seasonings and spices, and then added real Vermont maple syrup to make the best breakfast sausage you will find in central Vermont. Young or old, big appetite or small, once you have a taste of this sausage it will become a must for every breakfast!


Salamite is a tasty Italian sausage made with ground pork, salt, pepper, various spices, garlic powder and wine, and stuffed in a medium casing. Salamites are often boiled, sliced and served cold with crackers and cheese, or served hot with a meal. This sausage is great in tomato-based sauces and of course is great on the grill as well. The flavor of our Salamites will keep you coming back for more and more.

Prepared Ham

First, and most importantly, we only use the best cured hams and select them personally. The hams are then wrapped in a combination of crushed pineapples, brown sugar and other special spices that make for a mouth watering and delicious meal for Easter or any special occasion. Order these early or you will be disappointed!

Prepared Roasts - Beef or Pork 

Made with quality choice boneless cuts of beef or pork, the roasts are specially seasoned and then wrapped in just the correct combination of onions and other special ingredients which are all held together with a string netting for roasting in the oven. These roasts have been a favorite to many families in Barre and the surrounding communities. They are available in beef, pork, or our special "French Cut," which is a beef and pork combination. Please note that we will not make any roast less than 5 lbs to insure proper cooking for the most tenderness.

Vaniglia or Zampet 

These sausages share some similarities but are uniquely different in taste. Both are made with pork and special spices and seasonings but are stuffed in a larger casing giving you a sausage with a 2" to 3" diameter. They are usually cooked, sliced and served warm at the dinner table but are also great after they have been cooked and cooled in the refrigerator overnight. The major difference in the two is the vanilla flavoring added to the mix, hence the name "Vaniglia." So, if you like this larger sausage with the vanilla flavoring, order the Vaniglia; if you prefer it without the vanilla flavoring, please order the Zampet.

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